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Jan-Wellem-Str. 23 / D-51065 Köln-Mülheim / Germany


Energize Your Ride

We make lightweight bicycle-electric components 

with high technological and ecological benefits.

Smooth Running, Efficient, Durable. 

Specially developed for commuters, sportive and touring cyclists who need highly durable equipment.

Rim-Drive / Velospeeder E-Bike Motor

Rim-Dynamo / AC-Dynamo for AC-LED-Lights

On-Board Power Supply / Universal Power Source & 3-Phase Geno 

Attention! Velogical products are addictive

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Ogando A. - Marketing, Distribution


Frieden Peter - Engineer, Production

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VELOGICAL engineering GmbH
Managing Directors: Dipl. Ing. Peter Frieden & Dipl. Des. Ogando
Office phone +49 (0)177 7201107
Jan-Wellem-Street 23, D-51065 Köln-Mülheim / Cologne
Metro station, bus stop "Wiener Platz"
Tax Officet Köln-Ost, St.-Nr.: 218/5066/1155

VAT ID number / Sales taxes ID / Ust-ID-Nr.: DE182647165

Companies Register: HRB Nr. 77920

at Cologne Local Court

Seizing the Initiative - the Story of an Innovation 


VELOGICAL engineering GmbH based in Cologne (Germany) is dedicated to development and distribution of high efficiency special products to address as yet unsolved technical problems in cycling taking concepts to its logical conclusion without compromise.
When it comes to cycling, VELOGICAL combines personal passion with the renowned cycling heritage of Cologne industrial region, with its flagship “Six Day Race” and “Tour of Cologne”: Germany’s oldest cycle road race. 

Cologne has also been in the forefront of many aspects of energy and its transmission, not least because the world-famous Otto engine, still well known today, was developed here from 1876 onwards.

In 2012 VELOGICAL developed the extremely free-running ‘Cologne cyclesport dynamo’ under the name Compact-Dynamo. 

In 2013 VELOGICAL added the development of the world´s lightest E-Bike Motor VELOSPEEDER. 

In 2020 VELOGICAL develops the UNIVERSAL POWER SOURCE for LED bicycle lighting and USB devices.


VELOGICAL co-founder Dipl. Ing. Peter Frieden is by profession a developer of wind energy installations, in particular the wind certified turbine Easywind 6 for off-grid energy supply. These have earned the description "stormproof" because they can carry on producing power, unrestricted, even in a hurricane. Before that Peter Frieden directed the vacuum pump development department at Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum. His product developments, protected by numerous patent applications, have been successfully applied worldwide and are outstanding in both their high efficiency and in their reliability and low maintenance.

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