Energize your Ride - Smooth Running, Lightweight, Efficient

Energy Solutions for Cyclists

Rim-Drive (Velospeeder e-Bike Motor)
Rim-Dynamo (AC-Dynamo for AC-LED-Lights, Charger)
Velo-Grid (3-Phase Generator for Charger with DC-LED-Lights)

HighEnd Tandem bicycle - for sophisticated touring riders                                                        Short - Versatile - Light -  Suspension


The Velogical Compact Tandem is a short lightweight tandem bike with amazing tight turning circle. The right-handed synchronous chain enables direct power transfer and the use of high quality standard components to minimize weight and wear.

Optimised aerodynamic properties, thanks to the sophisticated frame geometry, increase the efficiency pedaling at higher riding speeds.

The classic features of a tandem complete the overall performance: traffic-safe communication during the trip, in addition to protection from the headwind for the Stoker, shared experiences, arrival together.



Technical Data and Equipment

The Velogical Compact Tandem is currently offered in one frame size. The proportions of the tube dimensions of this framework are recommended for people with a height up to 185cm and a weight of up to 85kg i. Within this range, the optimal fine tuning can be perfomed by the individual choice of components.

For body measurements outside the recommended optimum range there is, in our experience, still a generous tolerance range for the appropriate use, because of the multiple options when choosing and adjusting components. Our tests with drivers with a body length of 200cm went really smoothly, but we recommend in these cases definitely a personal appointment with us to ensure a satisfactory solution for the customer.

Velogical Compact Tandem photo album