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Energize Your Ride

We make lightweight bicycle-electric components 

with high technological and ecological benefits.

Smooth Running, Efficient, Durable. 

Specially developed for commuters, sportive and touring cyclists who need highly durable equipment.

Rim-Drive / Velospeeder E-Bike Motor

Rim-Dynamo / AC-Dynamo for AC-LED-Lights

On-Board Power Supply / Universal Power Source & 3-Phase Geno 

Attention! Velogical products are addictive


Ordering - Sales - Terms and Conditions

order form dynamo consumer version address inside european union/EU, download interactive pdf
order form dynamo consumer version export worldwide address out of european union/EU, download interactive pdf



VELOSPEEDER, the World's Lightest Bicycle Standard Motor
For Continuous Operation & Optional Use

Conversion lightweight electric bicycle,

Retrofitting light pedelec,

Brandnew lightweight pedelecs (on request)

Headquarter Cologne - inquiries, consulting, workshop, 

Test rides by appointment

Download flyer, price list, please scroll downwards

Please use the CONTACT FORM.


VELOSPEEDER sets recommended consumer prices 
Europe pricing (selection)

Price list consumer complete download pdf (above + below)


B2B prices on request
For dealers, workshops, manufacturers.

Please add the official company data to your inquiry.

Sets complete with framespecific motor mount, periphery

Without costs for installation, shipping


With motor type 3125 short propulsion 40 Newton
Versions normal-motor & fast-motor 
Sine controller (customized propietary design)

€ 1149,32 incl. VAT.   93Wh Li-Ion battery A for 31-36km

€ 1273,80 incl. VAT. 193Wh Li-Ion battery B for 32-38km

€ 1404,31 incl. VAT. 322Wh Li-Ion battery C for 60-70km

Motor type 3135 long + 50% torque propulsion 60 Newton

Versions normal-motor & slow-motor
€ 59,50 incl. VAT.

Current regulation downsizing of motor torque

Potentiometer handlebar dust water resistant IP65


142,80€ incl. VAT.

Standard installations
€ 210,00 incl. VAT. 
Calculations for any other mounting situations on demand.

Sine Controller Upgrade 

For customers with controller generation block commutation

before 03 2018

€357,00 incl. VAT. incl. installation


USA inquiries
We plan the distribution of the Velospeeder motor in the U.S. based on authorized dealers with workshop. Potential buyers may contact us to get more information.



The assessing of the feasibility for a VELOSPEEDER installation on a concrete bicycle is done by VELOGICAL, details in direct communication with the customer.


Motor mounts at choice

A) framespecific motor mount,
    optimally for a concrete bicycle frame and for a lot of
    frames based on seat stay tubes with round profile,
    as well for oval, hydroforming and square tube profiles
B) universal motor mount, for most tube profiles

     without surcharge

C) hydroforming and square tube profiles inlay for mot. brackets

    € 59,50 incl. VAT.

D) brazed-on motor mount by framebuilder,
    on special request only

Set weight
1.6kg motor type 3125 short, battery model B 193Wh, periphery

2,5kg motor type 3135 long, battery model C 322Wh, periphery


Battery weight

Battery model A       93Wh     4200mAh   620g

Battery model B     193Wh     8700mAh   910g

Battery model C     322Wh   14500mAh 1440g


Replacement battery, consumer prices
For VELOSPEEDER customers only 
Shipping costs not included

€ 230.62 incl. VAT. battery model A       93Wh LiIon 6s2p

€ 330.82 incl. VAT. battery model B     193Wh LiIon 6s3p

€ 499.80 incl. VAT. battery model C     322Wh LiIon 6s5p

Charger second device, consumer price
For VELOSPEEDER customers only

Shipping costs not included
€ 45,00 incl. VAT.

Charger technical data
200-264V AC
Closing of charging voltage 25,2V DC
Electrical power on the input side 90W
Compatible with inverters for campervans at 12V batteries Up to 100W 


E-Bike LED lights
Busch+Müller Lumotec Eyc DC 6-42 volts version
Headlight + rear light, mounting 

€ 110,00 incl. VAT. with cabling

Motor couples without kit

229,77€ incl. VAT. motors type 3125 short propulsion 40 Newton

289,27€ incl. VAT. motors type 3135 long propulsion 60 Newton


On request, we recommend selected brandnew bicycle models, also offered by high quality so-called "White Label" suppliers, which can be designed with our VELOGICAL logo.



The VELOSPEEDER is the only friction drive for bicycles with dynamic auto-regulation of the contact pressure. At any riding speed it finds the optimum contact pressure by itself. In the wet this pedal assist motor does not slip through. When not in use it can be folded-off completely.

The maintenance-free interval for this energy-efficient light e-bike drive is higher than expected previously. A replacement of the friction rings is necessary after 7.000-10.000 kilometers (4500-6000 miles) only. Apart from the friction rings, the other engine components are largely free of maintenance. Increased abrasion of the rim flank due to the use of this material sparing engine concept could not yet be determined.
Installation samples, click here

CONTACT FORM, click here 



NEW: Bike Rental at VELOGICAL in Cologne


VELOSPEEDER rental fee € 30 / day, € 60 / WE (Fri-Sun),
deposit € 200


COMPACT Tandem (up to approx 185cm height)

Rental fee € 30 / day, € 60 / WE (Fri-Sun), deposit € 100. 

On request plus tandem pilot (esp. for the blind, visually impaired), 0.5 day / 1,0 day / 2.0 days: Price on request


Rental fees can be offset with a purchase of the rental vehicle. 


The rental time period will be calculated based on the opening hours at the Velogical headquarters (Mon-Fri 10-18 Clock). 


Tours suggestions between the Rhine Valley and the surrounding uplands are configurable as desired.
(This service is free of charge of course.)
Tandem pilots for handicapped co-pilots are selected and they will manage their job well.

Range of COMPACT Tandem bike

Sport version (Deore XT 48/36)

Tour version (Deore FC-M591 48/36)

Pearl night blue powder coated gloss (RAL 5026)

Gold lettering

Graphite powder coated matt black (RAL 9011)

Deep black lettering

NoteSpecial Colours / Availability on request

Special equipment requirements / Calulation of prices on request

Body measurements for 2 drivers, arm lengths in cm (shoulder to wrist back)!

Overall body size indicate in cm!

"Captain" (driver front) + "Stoker" (driver rear)

For orders, questions concerning prices, technical
configurations, please use the

- We answer your questions according technical details

- We arrange a test drive with you at our headquarter
- We calculate your individual international shipping costs

- Paypal option: indivdual Paypal Link on request

chart for download - important technical and geometry, german version, please use Google translate option

VELOGICAL Dynamo for LED-Lighting on Bicycles

Orders & Technical Questions

Please use the CONTACT FORM 

Please fill out the sufficient contact informations,
so that we have a chance to contact you in return.

Or download the above interactive order form for consumers (B2C).

Consumer price in Direct Marketing inside the EU
€ 150,00 incl. VAT. (sales taxes) plus shipping/PP;
Consumer price outside of the EU (export worldwide):
€ 126,05 plus local taxes/shipping/PP.

- We calculate your individual international shipping costs
- We answer your questions according technical details

- Paypal option: indivdual Paypal Link on request

Wholesale prices for dealers, manufactures, workshops
Please contact us accompanied by your B2B identity data.

Dynamo "SPECIAL" - sold out

Configuration dynamo set

Select a dynamo version suitable for your range of use

Select a special bracket for your installation


Selection, installation situations for solo-bikes, tandems

- Installation samples & brackets click here

 - Rim-Dynamo sets samples click here


Brake boss fitting


"Brake boss adapter left" 

For brake boss fittings
Currently 80mm center-center boss 

Left front fitting (rear right)


"Brake boss adapter right" 

For brake boss fittings
Currently 80mm center-center boss 
Optimized for Magura brakes, small rims

Right front fitting (rear left)

Frame stay fitting

Provide the diameter of the tube at the location where the dynamo will be mounted (around 30mm below/inside the rim).


- ! For oval tubes which are oriented aerodynamically in the riding
    direction, give the (largest) diameter in the riding direction.


- ! Oval tubes set fashionably at right angles to the riding direction will
    be treated as round tubes, and the largest diameter at right angles
    to the riding direction is critical."



"Tube adapter short 10-20mm" for seat stays

Left fitting, priority rear wheel

Seat stay tube diameters 12-20mm ∅, tube shape round or oval



"Tube adapter medium 20-32mm"
Left fitting, priority rear wheel
Optionally for front fork

Seat stay tube diameters 20-32mm ∅, tube shape round or oval



"Tube adapter medium 20-32mm" 

Right fitting, priority front wheel (front fork steel)
Optionally for frame fixings 

Tube diameters 20-32mm ∅, tube shape round or oval


"Tube adapter long 32-46mm" for fork fixings & frame fixings 

Tube diameters 32-46mm ∅, tube shape round or oval

Left fitting (standard)t or right fitting (on demand) front and rear

- O-ring /drive wheel for fast riders: included

- O-ring /drive wheel for normal riders: Included


Optional request for special cases, special wheels

Specify left or right mounting assembly!

Please clarify installation situation feasibility with us.

- Recumbent bikes and special bikes, all trike designs

- All constructions with special dimensions between wheel and frame

- Please have measurements for tube width and tube depth on hold

- No shape profiled tubes with sharp edges (hydroforming)

- No extremely oval tube profiles

- Narrow placed brake bosses Cantilever Generation 1 early 80ties


Installation & maintenance note


! Before installation grease the brass tube / torsion tube and the dynamo borehole with bearing grease by help of a tooth pick. 

Don´t wipe away the placed grease on the parts when unpacking !

Distribution of COMPACT Tandem

Our prices are final prices for the German market inclusive of VAT (19%) and exclude shipping costs.

We also accept international orders, but to advance the full invoice amount. For international inquiries we create customized offers, which take into account different rules in sales taxes correctly.

For our customers, we like to take our time. As a manufacturer of handmade quality products, we offer clients by appointment at our headquarters in Cologne, including test drive.

For information according first examples of our preconfigured coherent design concept you may visit our website.

Simply contact us by phone / email for your detailed questions or to clarify your wishes, eg for an individual component configuration or color. (In this regard, we will create you a personal offer.)

In all of these concerns, we are happy to advise you professionally and personally.

After your order accepting our terms and conditions you will receive an order confirmation with all the details discussed.

We are interested in long-term relationships based on mutual fairness and transparency.

Our terms and conditions are aviable onlinehave a look below on this page.

Warranty COMPACT Tandem / Frame

Our frame builder Stefano Agresti has a voluntarily extended warranty of 10 years on the tandem frame for the original owner covering manufacturing defects (break) from date of purchase when used properly. Excluded from this warranty is damage due to voluntary mechanical damage or during races.

Our tandems are made in small batches to very high quality standards. In addition to technical perfection, we focus particularly on the needs of physics at the intelligent design of a hi-tech tandems even in inconspicuous but important details, such as increasing demands from the utilization of the materials and components used in tandems.

Warranty on COMPACT Tandem / Components

Parts that come into consideration for a warranty, please send without any intervention in a shipping free of fees at VELOGICAL. If warranted, we will refund you in hindsight of course the shipping costs within Germany.

Obvious transport damage must be reported to us immediately at receipt of goods, concealed damage within 5 days in writing.

The statutory warranty periods, the general legal rules of warranty for defective items for non-merchants (2 years) or for merchants (depending on the type of customer) and the supplementary conditions of the manufacturer.

All warranties relating to the first error that occurred. Consequential damages and claims for damages, including personal injury, are expressly excluded. The use in races is done at your own risk. The customer is responsible by himself for a reasonable, secure use of the material and for a regular maintenance on his own for a proper function.


For problems of all kinds, we are happy to help, by phone and by mail:

telephone office hours: weekdays 10.00 - 18.00 clock

M +49 (0) 177 7820849

Visiting hours: by appointment


Note to Privacy / Consent

Your personal data of which we become aware will be kept strictly confidential. Disclosure to third parties is expressly exclude. However, you know that we store and process your information for our own purposes.

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Award winners 2018 in product category
Award ceremony at Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) Berlin 

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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) / VELOGICAL engineering GmbH

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I. Application + General

1 The following delivery terms and conditions (hereinafter Terms and Conditions) shall apply exclusively to all business relationships, offers, deliveries, sales and service transactions between the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH and the purchasers of its goods, services and offers. Conflicting terms and conditions of the Purchaser are hereby rejected.

2 They are regarded as agreed upon acceptance of delivery or service or offer of VELOGICAL engineering or order by the customer at the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH, at the latest with the acceptance of the delivery.

2 For traders and legal persons of public law or public special fund under these Terms and Conditions also apply to all future business relations, even if they are not expressly agreed again, unless alternative arrangements are made explicitly. These conditions deviating agreements or additions, telephone and verbal agreements are only binding if they are confirmed in writing by the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH.

3 If the customer does not accept the Terms, this must be declared within three working days.

4 If any part of the following conditions be ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


II. Contract

1 In brochures, advertisements etc. u contained information about the delivery of the program VELOGICAL engineering GmbH are non-binding.

2 Specified within the contract terms and descriptions of the goods provide the technical status at the time dar. design changes for deliveries under this contract, the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH expressly reserves the right, if these changes are not of a fundamental nature and the contractual purpose is not significantly restricted.


III. Ownership of Models and Drawings

Models, drawings, descriptions, price lists and quotations remain the property of VELOGICAL engineering GmbH and may not be reproduced or her written consent to third parties.


IV Prices

The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH reserves the right to change prices reasonable, if occurring after the conclusion of the contract, cost reductions or increases, especially due to collective agreements or material price changes. These are proven to the purchaser on request.


V. Acceptance

Is the installation of equipment or parts included in the contract, the plant is removed from the customer after installation and commissioning. To an acceptance report shall be prepared which shall be signed by the purchaser.


VI. Payment

1 After ordering an advance invoice is created. After payment of the advance invoice the ordered goods are delivered.

2 The payments shall be made without any deduction for the free VELOGICAL engineering GmbH.

3 It is the current price list when ordering. The prices include the applicable VAT and plus shipping costs. In tandem orders, the customer has the choice between Selbstanholung and shipping. Dynamo Orders are generally shipped.

4 Is a production supplied in parts, so the corresponding part payment corresponding delivery is due. The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is entitled to demand advance payments from production orders according to the performance of the production.

5 A set-off or the exercise of the retention is permitted only with undisputed or legally established claims of the customer. Also allowed the set-off is disputed but on which a decision counterclaims.


VII. Delivery

Subject to any other agreement delivery (exw) agreed.


VIII Transfer ("Transfer of Risk and Acceptance")

1 The risk shall pass to the dispatch of the goods to the customer about, even if partial deliveries are made or the engineering GmbH VELOGICAL other services, such as the shipping costs or delivery has taken over the goods.

2 If delivery is delayed due to circumstances for which the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is not responsible, the risk shall pass to the customer on the day of dispatch.

3 If the customer's obligation to collect or acceptance of the goods in default or he gets notified ready goods within the agreed period from the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is entitled to store the goods at the buyer's risk in its reasonable discretion and as provided in invoice provide. If the customer is in default of acceptance, or the collection of retrieval, the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the goods passes to him. In addition, the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH in these cases a claim for payment of a contractual penalty in the amount of 1% of the value per commenced month of the incurred delay, but not exceeding 10% of the value, as well as damages in the amount of actual and verifiable costs of storage.

4 If the customer notified ready goods, not from or fails to retrieve within the agreed period, the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is also entitled to put the customer for making his participation action a reasonable deadline to withdraw after the unsuccessful expiry of this period of the contract and a the performance of the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH to request relevant part of the remuneration. The legal conditions for the acceptance shall remain unaffected.

IX. Right of Withdrawal

If the customer is a private final consumer and not a commercial customer or entrepreneur, he has the right to cancel his contract within two weeks without notice.

Indication of reasons in text form (e.g. letter, e-mail) or by return shipment

of the goods. For the keeping of the cancellation period the punctual

dispatch of the cancellation or the goods is sufficient. The cancellation is to be addressed to:

VELOGICAL - engineering GmbH Marketing

Christianstr. 26

D-50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld 


VELOGICAL - engineering GmbH Production

Jan-Wellem-Str. 23

D-51065 Cologne-Mülheim 

In case of an effective cancellation, the services received by both parties shall be granted back.

If the customer is not able to fully or partially give back the performance or service received or if the customer can only partially

give it back in deteriorated condition, he must pay compensation for the value.

This does not apply if the deterioration of the goods is solely caused due to their inspection.

- As it would have been possible for the customer in a retail shop, for example. 

In all other respects the customer can avoid the obligation to pay compensation for lost value by

not using the item as an owner and avoiding everything reducing the value.

Items that can be sent as parcels are to be returned. 

The right of cancellation does not exist,

if the goods are manufactured according to customer specifications or are unambiguously

tailored to the personal needs are not suitable for a return shipment.

End of the cancellation instruction


X. Warranty

1 Parts that come into consideration for a warranty, please without any intervention in a free show at VELOGICAL ver-send. If warranted, we will refund you in hindsight of course the shipping costs within Germany.

Obvious transport damage must be reported to us immediately at receipt of goods, concealed damage within 5 days in writing. The statutory warranty periods, the general legal rules of warranty for defective items for non-merchants (2 years) or for merchants (depending on the type of customer) and the supplementary conditions of the manufacturer.

All warranties relating to the first error that occurred. Consequential damages and claims for damages, including personal injury, are expressly excluded. We reserve the right to rectify deficiencies.

The right to reduce the remuneration is not the case that the value or the suitability of the work is only insignificantly decreased. As of the date of delivery of the ordered goods or services the customer is even concern for a reasonable, secure use of the material and, through careful and regular maintenance of their own responsibility for proper function.

2 The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH assumes no liability for defects caused by wear and tear, incorrect or negligent handling, improper storage, improper use or failure to observe the processing and usage instructions, improper equipment, replacement materials, faulty assembly, improper use context, chemical chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences.

3 The warranty and liability is excluded if the customer continues to take the poor thing into knowledge of a defect in service, installs, processed or sold.

4 Shows a lack of the customer, he has to give the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH immediate opportunity to examine the defect, in particular to provide the defective goods available to send them at the request of the VELOGICAL VELOGICAL or to grant access to the defective goods. If and to the extent the customer complaint is justified, the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is obliged to bear the costs incurred by the customer for the delivery of the defective goods. The reimbursement is limited to insured shipping at the value of the goods without express surcharges.

5 If the Purchaser terminates the contract, he shall not be entitled to claim damages due to the defect, provided the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is not responsible for the lack of willful misconduct or gross negligence. If only a part of the delivery is defective, the buyer can only withdraw from the entire contract if he has no interest in the rest of the delivery and service. If the customer chooses compensation, the goods shall remain with him if this is reasonable. The compensation is limited to the difference between the purchase price and the value of the defective goods, provided that the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH is not responsible for the breach of contract for fraud. The buyer's claims for defects and other claims are subject to a limitation period of one year.

6. 20% of the purchase price for custom-made, frame-specific bicycle components for e-bike drive sets are retained in case of exchanging for goodwill or in case of cancellation after order placement. 


XI. Retention of Title

1 The delivered goods until the final payment of the full price and the redemption of all VELOGICAL engineering GmbH from the business relationship have been and still claims arising in connection with the delivery item claims the ownership of VELOGICAL engineering GmbH

2 If the reserved goods are resold, sold alone or together with the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH belonging goods, the buyer shall already arising from the resale to the extent of the value of the reserved goods with all ancillary rights and priority over the rest of the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH. The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH accepts the assignment. Assigned to him by the customer receivables related to the accepted balance and in the event of insolvency of the third party to which existing causal balance. The value of the goods is the invoice amount including VAT. Is the resold goods / goods in the ownership of VELOGICAL engineering GmbH, then the assignment of the claim extends to the amount equal to their share of the property value. The same applies to the extended retention of title.

3 If the reserved goods are installed as an integral part of the property of a third party by the purchaser, the purchaser hereby assigns to the against the third party or against whom it may concern, resulting claim for compensation to the value of the reserved goods with all ancillary rights, including those of a provision of securing mortgage with priority over the rest of the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH from. The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH accepts the assignment.

4 If the reserved goods are installed as an integral part of the property of the Purchaser the Purchaser, the Purchaser already now assigns the trade even from the sale of the goods or arising therefrom claims up to the value of the goods with all rights and priority over the rest of the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH from. The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH accepts the assignment.

5 Any execution in the reserved goods, the purchaser of the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH shall immediately inform and hand over the necessary documents for an intervention. This also applies to impairments of any kind, the costs of extrajudicial efforts to release and return procurement by the purchaser. This also applies to the cost of a legitimate judicial intervention if it can not be recovered from the third party.

6 With payments and / or application for opening of insolvency proceedings, the right to resell, use or installation of the goods or the authorization to collect the assigned receivables will also. When a check or bill protest the debit authorization does not go out for the rights of insolvency law.


XII. Final Provisions

1 The purchaser agrees that the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH processed received in connection with the business relationship data concerning the Customer in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act for the performance of their own business purposes. This also includes the storage or transmission to a credit protection organization, provided this is done in the context of the purpose of the contract or is necessary to protect their legitimate interests and no reason to believe that the legitimate interest of the Purchaser to the exclusion of the processing, in particular the transmission, this data is predominant.

2 Performance is, unless agreed otherwise, the seat of VELOGICAL engineering GmbH Jan-Wellern-Straße 23 D-51065 Köln-Mülheim

3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes and exchange and checks is the seat of VELOGICAL engineering GmbH Jan-Wellern-Straße 23 D-51065 Köln-Mülheim, the VELOGICAL engineering GmbH Jan-Wellern-Straße 23 D-51065 Köln-Mülheim, however, is entitled , the general jurisdiction of the buyer to take legal action.

4 This Agreement is governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention (CISG).

5 Business language is German, and English by prior arrangement.

6 The VELOGICAL engineering GmbH stores data of the customer in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Terms VELOGICAL engineering GmbH Version Consumer Goods B2C 10/2018



Provider Identification

VELOGICAL engineering GmbH

Managing Directors: Dipl. Ing Peter Frieden & Dipl. Des. A. Ogando

Jan-Wellern-Street 23

D-51065 Köln-Mülheim / Cologne


T +49 (0)177 78 20 849

Headquarters: Cologne

Tax Office Köln-Ost

Tax number: 218/5737/1428

VAT ID no. / Sales taxes ID: DE287828985

Companies Register: HRB No. 77920

at Cologne Local Court