Ultralight e-motor for Brompton folding bikes

The retrofittable VELOSPEEDER motor set fits all classic motorless Brompton folding bikes with original Brompton rear rack as motor base – since the first series model. For motorisation there are no differences between steel and titanium rear frames and no restrictions on the sophisticated folding mechanism.
On Brompton folding bike versions without a luggage rack, an original Brompton rear rack has to be retrofitted so that the VELOSPEEDER can be installed.
With a motorised, lightweight Brompton folding bike you don’t need another bike in the urban area. Optimally with its low step-in, the Brompton folding bike can also be combined with public transport and car transport (e.g. motorhomes). With the numerous pannier systems and trailer systems available, the Brompton can be universally expanded into a transport bike. Riding characteristics of small wheelers are almost completely compensated by the VELOSPEEDER.

Retrofittable luxorious hub gears from Rohloff, Shimano, Schlumpfdrive harmonise with the VELOSPEEDER without any problems.

Brompton-Tuning parts:
Brompton rear racks from third party suppliers usually do not fit as motor base for the VELOSPEEDER!
If you want to use special rear frame designs by Brompton-Tuners, e.g. made of stainless steel, please ask separately!

Exceptions in Brompton-Tuning:
Custom designs for the VELOSPEEDER by Junik hpv, Juliane Neuss