Tandem Compact

HighEnd tandem bike – for demanding touring cyclists

Customer benefits

Thanks to the minimised wheelbase, the VELOGICAL COMPACT TANDEM has an amazingly tight turning circle. This compact design saves weight and increases the rigidity of the frame. Even under high loads, the robust 26″ wheels with wide rims and corresponding tyres produce just a minimal rolling resistance. In combination with an indestructible suspension fork on the front wheel and saddle suspension on the rear, the result is a level of riding comfort previously unattainable for this lightweight construction. The right-hand synchronous chain enables direct power transmission and the use of high-quality components to minimise weight and wear.

This sophisticated frame geometry also improves the aerodynamic properties, which noticeably improves the effectiveness on long distances and at higher riding speeds. The overall appearance is completed by the classic features of a tandem. Traffic-safe communication during the ride. For the stoker, the additional comfort of slipstream riding (and why not with closed eyes at times) – share the experience and arrive at the same time.

Frame size & range of use

The VELOGICAL COMPACT TANDEM is only available in one frame size. The proportions of the tube dimensions are so sophisticated that the frame is recommended for people with a body height of up to 185 cm and a weight of up to 85 kg. Within the optimum suitability range, customisation is carried out for customers via individual fine-tuning in the selection of components, e.g. stem length, stem angle, handlebar type, seat post length, seat post angle, etc..

For body dimensions outside the recommended optimal range, there is, in our experience, still a generous tolerance range for reasonable use. For the customer-optimised equipment of the frame, there are multiple options in the selection and adjustment of components. Our tests with test persons up to approx. 200cm body length actually were completed without a hitch. We recommend you meet us in person to ensure a satisfactory solution in each individual case.

Configuration Versions

  • Radstand
  • Länge über alles
  • Rahmenhöhe vorn/hinten
  • Laufrad vorn
  • Laufrad hinten
  • Federgabel
  • Bremsen vor/hinten
  • Kettenradgarnitur vorn/hin. modifiziert / VEL.
  • Triebstrang 2x9=18-gang
  • Entfaltung max/min
  • Gepäckträger
  • Schutzblech
  • Beleuchtung
  • Dynamo
  • Schloss
  • Tacho
  • Gewicht Komplettausstattung
  • Sportversion
    (Deore XT 48/36)

  • 1537mm
  • 2185mm
  • 555/470mm
  • Schwalbe Marathon Racer 40-559
  • Schwalbe Marathon Kojak 50-559
  • SR Suntour Duro DJ-E
  • Avid "Ball Bearing 7 MTB" ∅ 203/160
  • 2x SHIMANO Deore XT 48/36
    gewichtsoptimierte Kettenblätter, hohlgeschmiedete Kurbelarme, vorn 1x 36 Zähne, hinten 36/36/48 Zähne
  • CS-HG73 9-fach 11-32
  • 9,13/2,35m Spreizung: 3,88
  • 18,7kg
  • Tourenversion
    (Deore FC-M591 48/36

  • 1537mm
  • 2185mm
  • 555/470mm
  • Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 42-559
  • Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 50-559
  • SR Suntour Duro DJ-E
  • Avid "Ball Bearing 7 MTB" ∅ 203/160
  • SHIMANO Deore FC-M591 48/36
    stabilitätsoptimierte Kettenblätter, formgeschmiedete Kurbelarme, vorn 1x 36 Zähne, hinten 36/36/48 Zähne
  • CS-HG73 9-fach 11-32
  • 9,13/2,35m Spreizung: 3,88
  • Racktime H.R.-Systemgepäckträger Fold-it
  • Hebie Viper MTB 24-28
  • B+M Cyo, B+M Toplight Flat plus
  • COMPACT dynamo / VELOGICAL eng.
  • Kabelschloss Trelock Sicherheitsstufe 4
  • Sigma Fahrradcomputer Topline BC 509
  • 20,7kg

Sämtliche Angaben vorbehaltlich technischer Änderungen

Concept Compact Tandem Bike
Touring Version, Sport Version


Mannesmann Tube Kit aircraft chromoly tubing

Painting RAL 5026 Night blue powder coated (Product Photos)

Stand: without

All information subject to technical changes


Headlight Busch & Müller Cyo

Rear light Busch & Müller Toplight Flat Plus


All information subject to technical changes


Front rim EXAL XL25 26 “silver 559-25 VL 8,5mm, holes for 36spokes /
clincher tires

Rear rim Schrader DH.35 26 “559×29 black holes for 36spokes / clincher tires

Front Hub Shimano Deore HB-M525 / black / 36hole / disc

Rear hub DT Swiss 540 tandem / black / 36hole / disc

Alpina spokes “Strong” (ED) Ø 2.34 / 2.0 x 254

All information subject to technical changes


Bottom Bracket Shimano Hollowtech

Chain Shimano CN-HG73 Hyperglide 9-fold

Derailleur SHIMANO Deore 9-black, large rear derailleur

Tensioner Tacx Jockey Wheels “T4090” 11teeth with ball bearings!

Shifter Shimano 9-speed right

Shifter Shimano 3-speed left

Pedals MTB bearings black

All information subject to technical changes


28.6 Headset FSA semi-integrated VP

Stem 120mm 25.4 handlebar

Stem back XtasY downhill “Professional” 1 1/8 “Handlebar 25.4

HUMPERT trekking handlebars forward-L. “Exclusive” Height 50, width 590mm aluminum black

Avid Speed ​​Dial 7 Brake Lever Graphite gray

Arm rear HUMPERT English handlebar grip length 510mm

Handles X-ACT Bar Ends EVO 1 black leather

Front seatpost Kalloy Seatpost 400mm

Rear seatpost Sitting Bull suspension seatpost “Fool Bull”

Sport version – caliper CONTEC MTB / ATB saddle “Volare Hybrid”

Sport version – caliper rear CONTEC MTB / ATB saddle “Volare Hybrid”

Tour version – caliper Selle Royal Lockin saddle moderate black

Tour version – caliper rear Selle Royal saddle Lockin saddle moderate black

All information subject to technical changes

Philosophy tandem bike concept

A tandem bicycle glides seemingly effortlessly across the road and then passes easily each individual bike.

On a tandem 2 Pilots actually drive up to 41% faster –

at the same input of energy. The theoretical potential is, however, available on standard models in the market only partially, since important design aspects have been ignored.

With COMPACT TANDEM now there is an answer to unresolved issues in tandem constructions.

Smooth Running

Wheels of a tandem carry almost double the weight compared to the single bike. Therefore COMPACT TANDEM has adapted the features of the wheels to match the high downforce:

The 145mm rear hub allows symmetrical spoke structure with reinforced tandem spokes. Extra Width + super stiff rims support the distribution of forces and reduce the rolling resistance in conjunction with an oversized tire cross-section. The tires are optionally configurable for different priorities in road use.

The sports version uses selected brand tires with extremely low rolling resistance while the tour version takes into account the safety.


In the classic seating on the so-called tandem stoker works behind the safe shelter of the captain, who steers the tandem ride on the front seat. Unfortunately this ideal situation exists only as long as the wind is blowing exactly from the front. With the smallest crosswind, this advantage is gone. Therefore: the closer the two drivers sit one behind the other, the less the wind can swirl between them.

COMPACT TANDEM is very versatile here. Depending on the seat position, handlebar stems and seat geometry, the positions can be customized between speed (narrow, leaning in driving direction flat against the front wind) or comfort (upright, increased sitting distance).

Tandem Comfort

Of course, a full-suspension bicycle provides a maximum of driving comfort. However, especially in tandem a special rear suspension creates problems related to stiffness and weight. Therefore COMPACT TANDEM trys to find the best compromise between maximum comfort and reasonably limited technical effort. The delicately appealing, oil-damped suspension fork absorbs effortlessly all the bumps in the road. The rear tire provides with its large air volume for smoother rotation. The rear shocks are absorbed by a saddle suspension of high quality. Although COMPACT TANDEM was designed more as a fast touring and road vehicle, it makes a good figure on unpaved dirt roads and forest roads, thanks to wider tires and suspension.

Features of the compact concept

Short for tight turning circle (width of a park way)

Safe in urban use, even on bike paths, ride comfort for two riders on cobble stone pavements and obstacles

Solidly constructed lightweight touring bike even full equiped, the design of the drive is optimized designed lo low wear, based on components, that are aviable universally and hardened according tandem requirements,

Good speed and hill performance, fits in the luggage space in a station wagon with off-hook quick release wheels – no fiddling with car-mounted carriers,

No disassembly of the frame and chain elements


Handlebar options

straight front handlebar for sporty riding position

additional second, deeper grip position for rear handlebar

Handling & fame geometry

Which tandem rider doesn´t remember it: a chicane, a hairpin or even a wrong turn and U-turn – every time the captain “the curve does not get” the journey is interrupted, the team is maneuvering, until the trip continues again. Blame the extremely large turning circle, driving on a tandem often feel like driving in a long bus. The reason is the large wheel base of actual standard tandem constructions. What do you expect, comparing the wheelbase of usually ca.180cm of standard tandems to a maximum wheelbase of 110cm with a single wheel?


A COMPACT TANDEM in itself is of course no guarantee of completely uninterrupted roles, but one thing is certain: every inch wheelbase shortened noticeably improved agility and maneuverability. With a wheelbase of 153.7cm COMPACT TANDEM approaches a technically reasonable lower limit. On a test drive the effect of 26 cm difference in wheelbase is noticable – hairpin curves and U-turns in narrow streets are taken sovereign and quickly forgotten.


During transport in train or car COMPACT TANDEM makes with 220cm Total length significantly less inconvenience than usual standard tandems with overall lengths of some about 250cm.


If both wheels and seat posts are removed, a COMPACT TANDEM (with the car´s rear seat folded) fits into any reasonably spacious station waggon. True to the motto “form follows function” using a COMPACT TANDEM is comfortable. Transport issues  accorrding assembling and disassemblingsof tandems for car transportation now belong to the past.

Weight Stability Strength

These 3 factors contradict each other in frame construction – usually.


COMPACT TANDEM combines the conflicting requirements in an ideal way. The short tube lengths of a double-butted tube set make the frame “natural stiff”. For this purpose the frame is under 4kg and still a lightweight. An elegant strong fork from the trial segment (32mm stanchion diameter) and an extended head tube give the front a solid steering with sufficient safety reserves – even under extreme loads. Stability requirements on a tandem chassis are higher than with suspension forks for standard mountain bikes and trekking bikes. COMPACT TANDEM is speed compatible, because the effective per weight of the tandem is 18.8kg divided per 2 drivers = 9.4kg – almost the level of classic racing bicycles.

Redesigning a Tandem bike

At the end of our tandem trip along the Lahn in the autumn of 2009, my partner M. and me left behind our 28 “tandem. Without any suspension and with its narrow, hard-edged tires, it lacked all the comforts and on top of that it was not even particularly fast. – I thought, it must be possible to move around much more elegant.
On the weekend of our return we started an intensive Internet search for a suitable successor vehicle. The aim was to find a tandem that runs smoothly over bumpy roads and elegantly around the corner – but unfortunately there was no real hit on the market aviable for us.
The only model that came quirte near to our expectations after a long search was a lonely no-name used tandem. At least, the frame geometry already fitted halfways into our concept. Our “suffering” was great and so we went on the same weekend to Nuremberg to pick up the vehicle there. With tools, welding and lathe the rear head tube was improved. Then the tubes were repainted and then the wheel was completely rebuilt – of course with new and better components. The result proved gave us the feeling of a giant step in the right direction and in the following time I was still optimizing the wheel and tire combinations decided to reduce the rolling resistance.
After the experience of this project study, one and a half years later, I invested time again in order to optimize the tuning of the frame geometry. The goal was to crown project with a new tandem from a single source and to bring it to perfection. This time I needed a professional framebuilder. With Dietmar Hertel, which I would like to thank again at this point, I found the specialist who is well known not only for outstanding prototype framework., He advised me competentely in many technical matters, last but not least he helped with the selection of high-quality components with  optimum performance ratio for a tandem and low weight. The masterpiece of this process is now named COMPACT TANDEM.
Construction / installation: VELOGICAL engineering GmbH, Dipl. Ing Peter Frieden, Cologne
Prototype: Dietmar Hertel, known german frame builder, Rhineland
Series production: Stefano Agresti, Italian specialist for frame construction
in 3 Generation of the family, Rhine-Main area
Precision in framebuilding by hand:
German + Italian know-how at its best features