Ultralight e-motor for Tern Link D7i 20-inch folding bikes & for Tern Node 24-inch folding bikes

The retrofit motor for light e-bikes VELOSPEEDER fits with special bracket to all motorless delivered Tern Link D7i 20-inch folding bikes with hub gears and Tern original rear rack. The bike frame is always uniform.
The configuration of the motor set features is customer-specific, as on all other bikes.
The drive train on the hub gears of the Tern Link D7i must be modified with regard to sprocket size, chainring size and chain. The pedal crank and the bottom bracket must be replaced.
Unfortunately, the Tern Link version with derailleur gears cannot be motorised with the VELOSPEEDER.
With the lightweight motorised folding bike Tern Link D7i you don’t need an additional bike in urban areas. The universal lightweight bike with a low step-in is easy to combine with public transport and camper vans. With the numerous pannier systems and trailer systems available, it can be universally expanded into a transport bike. The riding characteristics of small wheelers are almost completely compensated for by the VELOSPEEDER e-bike motor.

We also offer a comparable VELOSPEEDER set for the folding bike model Tern Link Node 24-inch for the hub gear and derailleur gear versions, because this bike frame always offers enough space for the installation. The drivetrain does not require any modification here.