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Thanks to only 500 grams of motor weight, the VELOSPEEDER e-Bike drive becomes a standard component for normal bicycles, which is optionally available upon demand. A good drive performance of this full-fledged lightweight bike motor at the lowest possible weight increases the action radius when cycling. When not in use, the VELOSPEEDER can be folded away completely. This energy-efficient e-drive for light electric bicycles is extremely maintenance-free. A friction ring will need replacement after appr. 7,000 to 10,000 kilometers / 4,350 to 6,214 miles. Apart from the friction ring, as well the other motor components are largely maintenance-free. The rolling of the friction ring on the rim flank is defined in such a way that the service life of the wheel is not measurably affected by the friction wheel motor. At the same time, the parts of the entire drive train are relieved by this lightweight e-bike motor. The environment is also relieved. It works 10 times more energy efficient than a moped with combustion engine. With the VELOSPEEDER, GENERATION GREENTECH decides in favour of mobility that promotes movement and is climate-friendly.


The VELOSPEEDER is a particularly lightweight, especially durable and aesthetically unobtrusive e-bike drive / rim motor that can be integrated into most bicycles. The following criteria matter to potential buyers:

Retrofit motors for the beloved dream bike increase its use sustainably
Easy transport in the residential environment and in public spaces
Elegance, inconspicuousness
Low maintenance costs
A quintessential, modern bicycle concept
Predominantly pedalling and being active yourself + motor option if required (can be switched on and off at any time)
Decision for a “bicycle” and against a “moped with pedals“

Motor Models


From 5 to approx. 27kph / 3 to approx. 17mph
(Factory setting 25kph / 15.5mph)
For all-round-use

Motor type N-3125 short
Especially energy-saving
For lighter vehicle weights

Propelling force 40 Newton
Gradient x% minus 4%
Related to total weight, 100kg

Motor type N-3135 long
Slightly higher torque
For higher vehicle weights

Propelling force 60 Newton
Gradient x% minus 6%
Related to total weight 100kg


For Touring
Battery type C Li-Ion 313Wh 1,440g
Cell configuration 6s5p

For Commuters
Battery type B Li-Ion 188Wh 910g
Cell configuration 6s3p

For flight tourists
Battery type A Li-Ion 95Wh 620g
Cell configuration 6s2p
Max. 2 pieces on board

Fast Motor

From 5 to approx. 35kph / 3 to approx. 22mph
Special version for long distances
Special approval for S-pedelecs

Motor type F-3125 short
Especially energy-saving
For lighter vehicle weights

Propelling force 40 Newton
Gradient x% minus 4%
Related to total weight, 100kg


For Touring
Battery type C Li-Ion 313Wh 1,440g
Cell configuration 6s5p

For Commuter
Battery type B Li-Ion 188Wh 910g
Cell configuration 6s3p

Slow Motor

From 5 to approx. 23kph / 3 to approx. 14mph
Special version for rehab applications, seniors
Final speed programmable

Motor type S-3135 long
Energy-saving, recuperation from 27kph / 17mph

Propelling force 60 Newton
Gradient x% minus 6%
Related to total weight, 100kg


For touring
Battery type C Li-Ion 313Wh 1,440g
Cell configuration 6s5p

For commuter
Battery type B Li-Ion 188Wh 910g
Cell configuration 6s3p

For flight tourists
Battery type A Li-Ion 95Wh 620g
Cell configuration 6s2p
Max. 2 pieces on board

All information subject to technical changes

Motor Mount


Frame specific e-bike drive
Retrofit, OEM, industrial solution

Suitable for tube profiles round tube (version without inlay),
Oval tube, square tube, hydroforming tube
(Version with inlay after moulding of the tube profile)

With frame measurement (rear triangle & rim, 5 measuring points / parameters)
Request measurement sheet
For technically experienced installers


Variable e-bike retrofit kit
For most frame geometries and rim widths
Feasibility check via photos

Suitable for tube profiles
Round tube, oval tube, square tube, some hydroforming tubes

With frame measurement, freely adjustable bracket, angle-depenent parts
For particulary technically experienced fitters, experience in mounting the VELOSPEEDER is required
Mounting instructions on request


Frame specific, final adjusted e-bike drive
Determine and adjust exact rear wheel position with binding, completely ready-to-install wheel before brazing on!
With brazed on motor brackets, the widths of the rim and wheel axle on the rear wheel are determined for every individual frame!

With frame builder’s template
(VELOGICAL special tool) interface definition required
Request assembly instructions (Installation detail photos on Flickr)

Check Feasibility

Send us photos of your bike to

Please take photographs from as neutral a perspective as possible,
e.g. from the height of the wheel axle.
These photo motifs shall be the basis for our assessment.


Photo composition part 1

– Drive side general view,

– Details rear longitudinal / cross,

– Rim flank / seat stay,

– Dropout / rear axle


We will make you a suitable offer.

Send us photos of your bike to


Photo composition part 2

– Rear triangle from diagonal above (tube run from rear end to seat tube)

– Frame in the bottom bracket area on the non-drive side

– Handlebar area


We will make you a suitable offer.




Workshop Interview

German Ecodesign Award


Operation, brief overview

Motor handlebar switch (index triple)

Gearshift 1: Motors folded away, switched off, no additional idling friction
Gearshift 2: Motors folded on, motor assistance switched on when pedalling
Gearshift 3: Motors folded on, increased contact pressure (in rain)
The pedal sensor on the pedal crank (seat tube mounting) starts the motor when pedalilng. Fine adjustment of the motor parameters on the controller.
Upon active command, the VELOSPEEDER can switch from e-bike mode to normal bike mode at any time using the switch lever on the handlebars, in a matter of seconds and independently of the pedal sensor.
Technical information of the drive

Propulsion (thrust) WITHOUT pedal movement

4kg (40N) per motor pair type 3125 short / 2kg (20N) per single motor
6kg (60N) per motor pair type 3135 long / 3kg (30N) per single motor
  • Depending on the motor type (3125, 3135), the motors can handle a gradient of 4% or 6%, at a total vehicle weight of 100kg, WITHOUT pedalling.
  • From a given gradient, the VELOSPEEDER subtracts 4% or 6%, depending on the motor.
  • Halving the gross vehicle weight to 50kg will double the climbing ability with the e-drive.
    With gross vehicle weights above 100kg, the climbing ability with the e-drive is reduced.
  • With good pedal power, sporty cyclists can manage motor-assisted climbs at about twice the speed (on smooth asphalt).
  • Even with motor assistance, climbs are best tackled in easy gears at a high cadence.
  • The VELOSPEEDER does not increase the range of use of a gear shift.
  • The VELOSPEEDER optimally supports cyclists who basically master their terrain without a motor.
Limits of application range
120kg total weight for solo bikes (bike including load, rider).
The weight of commercially available electric bicycles is about 10kg more than that of non-motorized bicycles. Not only the motor incl. gearbox and battery cause additional weight, but also the motor mount with the necessary reinforcements on the frame.
The VELOSPEEDER does not require any modifications or reinforcements to bicycle frames, because the operating loads caused by this motor are always significantly less than the already existing loads on the bicycle frame, due to rider weight, drive train and brakes.
The total weight of the bike actually increases with the VELOSPEEDER only by the 1.6 to 2.5kg stated by VELOGICAL, depending on the equipment.
Weights motors & sets
545 gram motor pair type 3125 short
665 gram motor pair type 3135 long
Set approx. 1.6kg incl. motor type 3125 short, LiIon battery model B, all peripheral parts (frame specific), without charger
Set approx. 2.5kg incl. motor type 3135 long, LiIon battery model C, all peripheral parts (frame specific), without charger
LiIon battery model A range approx. 20 to 25km / 12.5 to 15.5mi, 95Wh, 4279,28mAh, 620g
    Cell configuration 6s2p, charging time 2h/3A
  • LiIon battery model B range approx. 32 to 38km / 20 to 24mi, 188Wh, 8468,47mAh, 910g
    Cell configuration 6s3p, charging time 3h/3A
  • LiIon battery model C range approx. 60 to 70km / 37 to 43mi, 313Wh, 14099,10mAh, 1,440g
    Cell configuration 6s5p, charging time 5h/3A
Maximum achievable range LiIon battery model C in continuous operation: approx. 90 to 105 kilometers / 55 to 65 miles
Battery ranges differ e.g. depending on pedal power, weight, rolling resistance, terrain, wind, temperature
Average operating voltage 22.6V, Cut-off voltage 17V
When the engine is switched off, an empty battery can still feed an LED light system for approx. 4 hours.
Battery safety
Standard compliant, we choose lithium ion (Li-ion) cells, not lithium polymer (Li-Po) cells.
Input voltage range 200-264V AC,
25.2V DC charging end voltage on the output side,
Charging current 3A
90W electrical power on the input side, compatible with inverters for motorhomes on 12V batteries up to 100W
Independence from public charging stations
Average continuous power
230 Watt (motor type 3125 short)
250 Watt (motor type 3135 long)
The legally prescribed motor power of up to 250W for pedelecs is fixed on the controller board.
Other customer-specific driving characteristics are also fine-tuned on the controller board.
Peak performance
A record oriented motor design reached 50kph / 31mph WITHOUT pedaling with LiPo special battery on flat test track with no wind.
600 Watt peak power is technically possible (single prototype from 2015, produced for testing purposes for a tire manufacturer).
Technical innovations
As of 03 / 2018
Customized Sinus Controller extends the range of application of the VELOSPEEDER
  • Since 03 / 2018, VELOSPEEDER sets have been delivered exclusively with Sinus Controller
  • Customers prior to 03 / 2018 have the possibility to upgrade the Sinus Controller
  • Whisper-quiet engine sound, especially under load on the mountain
  • Improved elasticity, especially in the lower speed range
  • Precise current regulation and temperature control for long climbs and steep inclines
  • Battery protection circuit with automatic switch-off in the event of inactivity after the end of the trip
  • Acoustic charge level indicator when switched on at standstill
  • Individual controller solutions (on request)
    Current control, motor support level adjustable, e.g. when riding in groups, conservation of battery volume, stepless potentiometer on the handlebar (dust- and water-protected in accordance with IP65)


The VELOSPEEDER is a so-called friction wheel drive. Its potential to become the “standard motor” among e-bike motors distinguishes this approach from all current e-bike concepts on the market – from e-bike retrofit kits to OEM solutions.

Two small electric motors, arranged on the left and right of the rear wheel rim, wedge themselves against the rim flanks when they are energised and thus drive the wheel. The VELOSPEEDER is the only friction wheel drive for bicycles with dynamic auto-regulation of the contact pressure, following the guideline “as much as necessary, as little as possible”. In wet conditions, the e-drive does not suffer any damage, but loses some of its power. At any speed, it will find the optimum contact pressure by itself. No slipping when starting off, no unnecessary rolling friction effects when driving fast.