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Focusing on year-round commuters, sportive cyclists, touring cyclists

With need for heavy duty quality


Energize your Ride with

Rim-Drive / Velospeeder e-Bike Motor

Rim-Dynamo / AC-Dynamo for AC-LED-Lights, Charger
Velo-Grid / 3-Phase Generator for Charger with DC-LED-Lights

Velogical products are addictive

Smooth Running, Lightweight, Efficient, Durable


German Federal Award Ecodesign 2018 award ceremony Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) Berlin

VELOSPEEDER, the miniaturized e-Bike drive by VELOGICAL,
highly energy efficient with minimal waste of raw material,
belongs to the Award winners for Federal Award Ecodesign 2018
in product category (Bundespreis Ecodesign). Video Link

Jury statement: "The Velospeeder convinces with a well thought-out drive concept, with the help of which existing bicycles can be
retrofitted to a fully-fledged e-bike at manageable costs.
This facilitates and promotes the urgently needed changeover from
cars to more resource- and environmentally friendly individual mobility." 

Andreas Detzel


VELOSPEEDER  World´s Lightest Electric Motor For Bicycles                                Retrofittable, Continuous Operation, Durable

The VELOSPEEDER Turns The Classic Bicycle 

Into A Light E-Bike.

A Masterpiece Of German Engineering

- Independently Mobile Over Long Distances

- No Disturbing Side Effects
- Folds Out Of The Way When Not In Use,
  No Frictional Resistance

- Minimal Wear

- Easy Portable, Ideal For City Residents

- Weight Advantage + Optimum Efficiency

- Whisper-Quiet Sound & Advanced Features

  With Sine Controller

- Unique Self Regulated Contact Pressure

- Gentle Downshift Beyond Top Speed           

With the VELOSPEEDER customers do not have to choose between classic bicycles or heavy e-bikes. The e-bike remains light and robust at 1/5th of the total weight of conventional pedelec drives. Even an electric bicycle can simply be a bicycle - as if it had always been like that. 

Custom motor & individual service

- Universally combinable modular system

- Select motor version

- Individual motor settings

- Installation discreetly unobtrusive, various options

Send photos of your bike to team@velogical.eu
  We will prepare a suitable offer for you

Sustainability & design performance

- High-quality manufacturing in durable quality

- Transmittable to other bicycleses with new motor brackets (frame-specific)

- Most parts of the set are individually interchangeable if required

- Raw material requirements and moving parts are concentrated to a minimum

The VELOSPEEDER´s motor weight of roundabout 500 grams enables this light e-Bike drive to become a standard component for normal bicycles - optionally available when necessary. With a good power performance this full e-Bike rim-drive unit with the lowest possible weight increases the radius of action for cyclists, especially for daily cyclists. When not in use the VELOSPEEDER can be folded away completely. 

The freedom of maintenance with this energy-efficient miniaturized drive for light electric bicycles is extremely high. Only after 7.000-10.000km a replacement of the friction ring is necessary. Apart from the friction ring, the other engine components are largely free from wear. 

The rolling action of the friction ring on the rim flank is defined in a way, that the lifetime of the wheel is not affected noticeable by use of the friction wheel motor. The parts of the drivetrain are saved at the same time. 

The VELOSPEEDER works environmentally friendly, 10x more energy-efficient than a moped with combustion engine. Leaving the traffic jam cycling with the VELOSPEEDER, the GENERATION GREENTECH makes a decision in favor of health and climate.
Installation samples 


Framespecific Motor Holder,
Retrofitting & OEM 

   Motor Twin Configuration at the Seat Stays,
   Standard Installation 

Brazed-on Motor Holder,
Framebuilder Version

Motor Models