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German Federal Award Ecodesign 2018 award ceremony Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) Berlin

VELOSPEEDER, the miniaturized e-Bike drive by VELOGICAL, highly energy efficient with minimal waste of raw material, belongs to the Award winners 2018 for Federal Award Ecodesign in product category (Bundespreis Ecodesign).

Jury statement: "The Velospeeder convinces with a well thought-out drive concept, with the help of which existing bicycles can be retrofitted to a fully-fledged e-bike at manageable costs. This facilitates and promotes the urgently needed changeover from cars to more resource- and environmentally friendly individual mobility." 

Andreas Detzel


VELOSPEEDER  World´s Lightest Electric Motor For Bicycles                                Unique Self Regulated Contact Pressure - Low Wear


                             Cycling Motorized - the New Way of Motorcycling

                             Light Speedy Relaxed

                             For Classic Bicycles

                             Retrofittable, durable

                             Easy portable, ideal for city residents

                             Independently Mobile Over Long Distances                                                           


                             A Masterpiece Of German Engineering

                             Minimal Weight & Maximum Efficiency

                             Continuous Operation & Optionally Applicable

                             Whisper-Quiet Sound & Advanced Functions


The whole electric bicycle with the VELOSPEEDER set is ideal for urban and daily cyclists.
With a joyfully durable performance and easily portable across stairs.

Also an electric bicycle may remain simply a normal bicycle, as if it had always been like that.

Custom motor & individual service

- Select motor version

- Individual motor settings

- Installation discreetly unobtrusive, various options

Sustainability & design performance

- High-quality manufacturing in durable quality

- Transmittable to other bicycleses with new motor brackets (frame-specific)

- Most parts of the set are individually interchangeable if required

- Raw material requirements and moving parts are concentrated to a minimum

The VELOSPEEDER´s motor weight of roundabout 500 grams enables this light e-Bike drive to become a standard component for normal bicycles - optionally available when necessary. With a good power performance this full e-Bike rim-drive unit with the lowest possible weight increases the radius of action for cyclists, especially for daily cyclists.
The VELOSPEEDER e-Bike motor is the only friction drive for bicycles with dynamic self-regulation of the contact pressure. At any speed he finds the optimum contact pressure by itself and it doesn´t slip in the wet. 
When not in use the VELOSPEEDER can be folded away completely. 

The freedom of maintenance with this energy-efficient miniaturized drive for light electric bicycles is extremely high. Only after 7.000-10.000km a replacement of the friction ring is necessary. Apart from the friction ring, the other engine components are largely free from wear. The rolling action of the friction ring on the rim flank is defined in a way, that the lifetime of the wheel is not affected noticeable by use of the friction wheel motor. The parts of the drivetrain are saved at the same time. 

The VELOSPEEDER works environmentally friendly, 10x more energy-efficient than a moped with combustion engine. Leaving the traffic jam cycling with the VELOSPEEDER, the GENERATION GREENTECH makes a decision in favor of health and climate.
Installation samples 


Framespecific Motor Holder,
Retrofitting & OEM 

Motor Twin Configuration at the Seat Stays,
Standard Installation 

Brazed-on Motor Holder,
Framebuilder Version



The VELOSPEEDER is a so-called friction drive. Its potential for a "standard motor" among e-Bike drives distinguishes this approach from all current concepts on the market. Two small electric motors, arranged on the left and right side of the rear wheel, wedge at the rim flanks when the motors get started and drive the wheel foreward. The VELOSPEEDER creates its necessary driving forces largely by itself and follows the guiding principle "as much as necessary, as little as possible" - no slipping when starting up (even when wet), no braking effects at higher riding speeds.

The trick by which this patented invention is different from all other friction wheel drives in the history of the bicycle, is the geometric arrangement of the swing axle with the engine mount and the solution for the power transmission at the friction wheel. 

Wheel circumference, rotation speed, thermal management (ventilation, electronics, surface) are further accompanying factors, through which it is possible to build these engines so miniaturized small.

The VELOSPEEDER is no new edition of well-known static friction wheel drives. With fundamentally different design, the VELOSPEEDER is the only e-Bike drive of its kind, that compensates successfully the systemic weaknesses of previous friction-wheel drives.

The attractive engine performance of the miniaturized VELOSPEEDER behaves similar to the engine power of established e-Bike drives, especially rear hub motors with defined final rotation speed, but without limitations selecting a type of gear box, racks and mud guards. The VELOSPEEDER standard motor for light pedelecs, light e-bikes is possible by the clever use of physical principles, but at 1/5 of the weight of usual pedelec drives. The maintenance-free interval is indicated between 7.000 and 10.000 kilometers (4350-6210 miles) under mixed terrain conditions. The material properties of the friction rings correspond with hard and smooth-running skateboard wheels made of polyurethane.
Installation samples
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Technical Data overview

- Propulsion (trust) WITHOUT the cyclist´s pedal power:
  4kg (40N) motor couple type 3025 short / 2kg (20N) each single motor
  6kg (60N) motor couple type 3135 long / 3kg (30N) each single motor
  The motors manage WITHOUT any pedal power an incline of 4%-6% (motor type 3025, 3135) at 100kg vehicle total weight. 
  The motors subtract an incline of 4%-6% (motor type 3025, 3135) at 100kg vehicle total weight.
  50kg vehicle total weight double the propulsion (trust).
  Total weights above 100kg reduce the propulsion (trust).
  With a good pedal power support sportive oriented cyclists manage motor-assisted inclines with roundabout double riding speed
 (on asphalt roads).

  For best efficiency of the motors (near final rotation speed), please use suitable light gears, pedaling tendentially high frequently,    
  keeping the motor´s rotation speed as high as possible.

- 120kg limit admissible total weight for solo-bicycles (driver, bicycle, vehicle load capacity)

- Weight motor couple 500 grams motor type 3025 short - equivalent to 2 pieces of butter

- Weight motor couple 620 grams motor type 3135 long
- Set weight approx. 1,6kg incl. motor type 3025 short, Li-Ion battery model B, all peripherical parts (framespecific ), without charger

- Set weight approx. 2,5kg incl. motor type 3135 long, Li-Ion battery model C, all peripherical parts (framespecific ), without charger

- Li-Ion battery model A, range about 15-18km (  9,3-11,0mi),   95Wh,   6000mAh,   528g, 6 cell design, charge time 2h/3A
- Li-Ion battery model B, range about 32-38km (20,0-23,6mi), 193Wh,   8700mAh,   864g, 6 cell design, charge time 3h/3A
- Li-Ion battery model C, range about 60-70km (37,0-44,0mi), 322Wh, 14500mAh, 1440g, 6 cell design, charge time 5h/3A
  Maximum tour ranges with battery model C and with continuous running engine is between above 90km (56mi) and 105km (65mi)
  in accordance with a high engine rotation speed and sporty own contribution during the tour.
- Battery ranges differ according factors as pedal power, weight, rolling resistance, terrain conditions, wind, temperarure.
- Battery security: standards-compliant we consciously select Li-Ion cells instead of Lithium Polymer cells.
- Charger input voltage range 180-264V AC
  25,2V DC closing of charging voltage on the output side at 3A,
  70W electrical power on the input side,
  Compatible with inverters for campervans at 12V up to 100W;
- Independence from public charging stations

- Average continuous power output depending on the motor type:
  230watts (motor type 3025 short),
  250watts (motor type 3135 long),
  600watts peak power is technically possible
- A record-orientated motor design (individual item) reached 50km/h (37mph) WITHOUT pedaling with LiPo special battery
  on plane, windless test ground (for experimental purposes only).

- The mandatory power output of 250 watts for pedelecs is fixed at the controller board and as well fineadjustments of the drive.



These factors support the VELOSPEEDER´s performance

1) The circumference of the wheel, for which the smooth rim flank is an almost perfect low-wear runway

2) The high rotation speed of the two small brushless outrunner motors (operating in the lower part of their rotation speed load capacity)

3) The open well-ventilated design for heat dissipation with humidity compensation, thermal protection

4) Different motor designs and adjustements for an optimal performance among different conditions

5) The VELOSPEEDER can be completely folded away while driving at full speed - no braking effect by idling friction

6) Due to the calculated adjustement of the rolling process on the rim, the hard-flexible friction ring causes no friction intensive wear

    as with brake pads and surrounding material heating.

7) Direct flux of force via short lever arm from the swing axle to the rim without performance-reducing steps of redirection. The discreet
    visibility of the miniaturized VELOSPEEDER is a decision in favor of its efficient functionality. We deliberately give up customer´s wishes
    to make an e-Bike drive invisible.


Upgrade information 03/2018

Customized propietary sine controller extends VELOSPEEDER's range of use

- Whisper quiet engine sound, especially under load climbing mountains 

- Improved elasticity especially in the lower engine speed range

- Precise current control and temperature control for long climbs and steep climbs, appropriate gearshift required

- Battery protection circuit with automatic shutdown after inactivity after end of route 

- Acoustic charge status indicator turing on the main switch when the bike stands still

New VELOSPEEDER motor type 3135 long, + 50% torque 

- Replaces slow-motor short

- Expands normal-motor to an additional version (short & long)

Individual controller solutions (on demand)
- Current control, level of motor torque adjustable (
when cycling in groups)
  by stepless potentiometer/handlebar (dustproof and waterproof according to standard IP65)

Motor models